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Gardening with Nature
Gardening with Nature


ISBN: 9781775845188
Price: R160.00
Release Date: 2017-03-02

A companion volume to Attracting Birds to Your Garden, the focus of this guide extends to other 'wildlife', such as butterfl ies, dragonfl ies, bugs of all sorts, frogs, lizards and geckoes, and small mammals such as mongooses, genets and hedgehogs. The book reveals how to plant a garden that attracts indigenous 'wildlife', depending on where in the country you live, creating nesting and breeding opportunities, and shows how to maintain such a garden. Along with practical suggestions and tips, this handy guide offers: the principles of gardening for wildlife; how to plan a garden and build a pond and wetland; tips on how to set up or enhance an existing garden; recommended plants that will fl ourish in local conditions, and; info about the many creatures that frequent a wildlife-friendly garden. Colourful, engaging and packed with information, Gardening with Nature will have broad appeal and is priced to sell.

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